Darwin was founded in 2004 with the overarching belief that all things being equal, a stronger brand wins. Brands with a defined focus and solid sense of why they matter will thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. 

Over the years we have brought this belief to our work with a wide variety of consumer, business-to-business, and nonprofit organizations, helping them define and express their unique brand DNA. We’ve created brand platforms from an entrepreneur’s vision, evolved brand positioning and identity to regain competitive advantage, and extended brands to reach new customers and new markets. All the time holding true to the idea of focus and relevance.

Since 2013 we’ve elected to work primarily with mission-driven organizations – nonprofits, social enterprises, NGOs – to meet their unique needs as entities supported through members, donors, grants, and public funding. We assist them in aligning their mission to messaging and marketing strategies to engage and motivate support for their work and loyalty to their brand.

Founder Bio

Beth Barbee  |  President & Brand Strategist

Beth Barbee is a seasoned marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in marketing and brand strategy. She has worked on both the corporate and agency side of the industry, working with a wide range of brands across a diverse set of industries. 

After 13 years owning and operating Darwin, she left the business in 2017 to become Chief Marketing Officer of Rocky Mountain Public Media. While that work was fulfilling, Beth missed the ability to work across multiple organizations and impact their work through brand and strategic planning, and in 2019 returned to the helm of Darwin. That experience solidified her desire to work with organizations seeking to make the world a better place.

Prior to founding Darwin Beth was Director of Strategy and Client Services at Denver-based Barnhart CMI agency, and Director of Advertising and Brand Marketing at MediaOne, then the country’s third largest broadband cable provider.