beth barbee, president & senior strategist

Beth is a 25-year marketing professional with experience on both the corporate and agency side of the industry. She has led the development of brands and corporate communication efforts for a diverse group of business-to-business and consumer brands. She is driven by a belief that every ad, post, tweet and customer engagement constitutes a brand impression, and therefore should all stem from the same brand DNA.

For the past 10 years Beth has specialized in the creation of strategic brand platforms for corporate, product, service and non-profit brands. Her work focuses on aligning brand strategy with business strategy to develop or evolve a brand for consistent and compelling execution across all touch-points.

In 2004 she founded Darwin, a branding firm that works with local, national and global clients at any point in their business lifecycle to help them define and articulate their unique brand story.

She is the company’s president and chief brand strategist, and plays an active role throughout the entire project engagement.